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I wrote this while sitting here a work today, it's not done yet, but… - heads_in_clouds [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 12th, 2004|03:12 pm]


[mood |creative]

I wrote this while sitting here a work today, it's not done yet, but let me know what you all think so far.

Katherine’s eyes opened slowly, the room was dim, all the shades were down and the minimum of sunlight entered the small room. Her eyes adjusted to the absences of light and she slowly realized that this was not her room. "Where am I?" she whispered to herself as she rubbed first her eyes then her face. She pulled the satin sheets up closer to her in effort to stop the chill that was working its way up her legs. The room was not familiar to her at all, but whose ever room it was had wonderful taste, the sheets were satin, the bed soft and comfortable, the desk lacked the normal clutter, and there seemed to be nothing out of place. The room defiantly brought about a sense of comfort to her. She yawned turning on her side to sleep in a little more, as she did; she saw something that she could have lived without. A person was facing her staring at her deeply, his green eyes shined when he smiled as her eyes caught his. "Sleep well?" he asked. Her face turned in terror; she leaped out of the bed wrapping a sheet around her.

"Who the hell are you?" she struggled to stay while trying to maintain decency.

"They guy you spent last night with...Kat, are you okay?" His hand raked through his blonde hair, and his expression became as confusing as hers.

"I don’t even know your name!" She paced as she franticly looked for her clothing.

"Look at the chair...Kat" How could his voice be so calm, and why did he have to be so cute? "Matt....remember now?" His tone took on an aggravated quality.

"Matt??? The Matt?? My Matt?" This can't be happening, no not Matt, Matt had not been around for years why now? She managed to find her shirt and slip it on, still looking for her jeans. "Did we do what I think we did Matt?" clearly enunciating his name to hide her fear of the obvious. “O shit we did!” her hands covered her face in embarrassment, while he remained speechless.

"I don’t know why you are so upset. Unless it was bad, was it bad"

"ummmmmm" His face became concerned, and she did not want to hurt his feelings, so she lied "No it was wonderful" there is no excuse for lying, is what he mother always told her, but can you really tell this hot guy that you don’t remember having sex with him last night. Lying seemed like the best possible answer.” Matt?" she wined as she tried putting on her jeans.” I’ve got to go, my roommate will wonder where I am, and send out a search party." She gathered up her purse, found her keys on the inn table, and headed for the front door. The whole house was so clean and orderly.

"I'll walk you out" he sat up and threw the sheets to the side. Her free hand quickly covered her eyes

"No! its okay why don’t you call me sometime"

"its okay I'm..." She slammed the door behind her before he was able to completely get out of bed.

Omigosh what did I do? she raced through the parking lot looking for her car carrying her shoes in her hand.

"Kat!" A voice called from the back of the parking lot "Over here!" She saw a small figure jumping up and down waving franticly to get her attention.

"Thank goodness you were here, I might have never found my car" She gasped for breath as she approached her friend.

"you are the only person in this town to not find your car, you know that right. One would think a yellow truck would not be so hard to find, but I guess that one would be wrong if you were the owner." Her friend smirked as she relaxed against the car door.

"Don't scratch the paint, Steph" She gripped as her friend moved off the door "How long have you been here?" She asked digging for the remote in her purse.

"Not long at all only 45 minutes, you know the time you told me to be here in the morning to see if you were still alive."

"what are you talking about, 'if I’m alive' of course I’m alive why wouldn't I be?" she gave Steph a puzzling look.

"You know last night, when you left the bar with Matt, you told me to come for you in the morning, you were pretty tipsy, but not drunk, and you had not seen Matt sense Texas, so you and him were going to go 'catch up'" She did that annoying thing with the air quotations on 'catch up' "Then you told me when you left to come and get you at 8:15 in the morning so Darien wouldn’t know you were gone, and if he saw you come home with me then it would be okay. SO here I am waiting, and I know your still here..." Kat cut her off with a hand movement

"I get it okay? what I don’t get is what happened last night, and who is Darien?" She opened her car door, and stepped in, unlocking the passenger side for Steph.

"Who is Darien? Girl are you kidding me?" Steph gave a stern look to Kat, which soon faded when she saw that the question was legit. "he's your fiancé'" Kat went blank, her face turned white, and a giant hole caved in inside of her. She started the truck, put it in gear and left the parking lot in a regular fashion

"I'm engaged? If I’m engaged where is my ring?" She asked putting the truck in 3rd gear girding the transmission accidentally"

Check your pocket. Be careful will you, you know how hard you worked for this car, don’t break it already" That was about all she remember was working for that car, and Steph of course "I don't know why you don’t drive your other car as often as you should, this one is to nice to mess up"

“Please, you don’t but a car to look at it, besides that's not the topic" She dug into her pocket while putting it in fourth. "Found it" she placed the ring on her finger staring at it over the top of the steering wheel.

"Drive please! 5th gear 5th gear!"

"Geese don’t flip." She put the car into 5th and merged on the highway. "I’m engaged...ummm that's pretty nice, the ring is, but what about the guy?"
This had to be the oddest conversation they ever had. What was wrong with her?

"he's a good guy after all you did say yes. Geese! what the hell is wrong with you, did you get screwed so hard you lost your mind?! Darien will know next week if you've fucked anyone, so don’t lie to me because I’ll find out!"

"What the hell is your problem, I’m just messing with you, gosh can't you take a joke or two, and I have no reason to lie to you, but as far as I know I did." her voice trailed at the end of her sentence.

"Are you playin' with me now, because Darien will know he's a smart man and there is a slight difference."

"What difference?" She turned at and looked at her friend who was basically climbing up the side of the car with excitement.

"you know..." She settled back down in her seat "You were a virgin" She waited for a response "He will know on your wedding night." the car swerved into the next line, finding the shoulder and coming to a quick stop with the squealing of brakes and tires. "holy Shit! What the hell are you doing?" Steph cried out of fear for her life.

"I what?" undoing her seatbelt Kat turned and looked at Steph in the eye "is that true? Will he know? I lied then, I wasn't playing I don’t remember anything about Darien, I didn’t even know I was engaged this morning till you told me Omigosh have I messed up beyond repair, what will Darien do? Of course I should know this because I’m supposedly marring him, but how can I marry him if I don’t remember or even know who he is. He'll think I’m crazy and leave or think I’m a slut and leave, or think I’m a liar and leave! Either way he's going to leave isn't he, STEPH you know more then I do, will he leave?" She spoke so fast Steph barely had time to catch the beginning let alone the end where the question was coming from.

"Snap you of it" Steph shook her hard, removing the keys from the ignition, and stepping out of the car "Shh..." she exclaimed while shutting the door and working her way around the car. She opened Kat's door and helped her out, and around the car to the other side. Tears flooded her eyes as she sat in the passenger seat of the car, while Steph put her seat belt on. "You are going to be okay, we are going to fix this" he voice was calm and soothing as she started the car, and merged back into traffic.


[User Picture]From: orangecrispy
2004-04-21 04:16 pm (UTC)
That's a way lot better than anything I could write, but aren't you supposed to be working at work?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: serena645
2004-04-22 06:20 am (UTC)

yeah... so

yeah, but i dont have anything to do, so i write that story for 8 hours a day
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