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Here is MY story [Apr. 19th, 2004|07:39 pm]


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This is my story, it doesn't have a title to it yet so bear with me. After you read this please post a message and tell me what you think. Thanks
Chapter 1
He was watching her run. Watching that brown hair of hers bounce up and down, watching her long legs push off the ground and land gracefully on the other foot, and watching her keep her balance with those perfect arms. Why? Why was she running away? Why was she leaving her family and loved ones? He did not know the answers to those questions. He was too busy trying to keep up yet stay hidden at the same time. He wanted to go with her, to talk to her, to find out those answers, but he had to stay behind. If he told her he was following her, she would tell him to go back and not worry. But that was too late. He already was worrying, and if he stayed behind long enough, she would have gone so far that she would HAVE to let him stay. He was her best friend, and she was his. How could he let her get hurt? He had to help. He didn’t know how but he, Jeremiah, would.
She was running. Trying to get away from the life she had, trying to start over, to erase her slate. And she knew he was following. She knew he would and saw him at a corner trying not to be seen. The strange thing is though she wanted him by her. They were best friends and more than anything in the world she wanted his comfort. Only he would wait. She knew him so well; she could guess what he would do next. That’s how close they were. And what she thought what he would do was wait for the right time then come up to her and try to get her to go out with him. This time she was wrong. She did not know that he knew about her running away. She didn’t know that he wanted to come along with her on her journey. What he didn’t know was that she couldn’t stay at her house any more. She was superstitious and had a dream a couple nights ago about someone coming into her house and killing her whole family, and right as she was going to get killed she woke up. She tried to tell her parents that they should leave the house and move, but her parents just told her that it was just a dream and that she shouldn’t worry too much about it. So she ran away.
She didn’t know where she was running. At first she thought of going to a relative’s but then she thought that they would just take her back home again. So she just wanted to run right now, run anywhere and figure out the rest later. She couldn’t run for long though, because she was already getting tired. Her breath was coming in short bursts and the sides of her ribs hurt. Of course she wasn’t the athletic type of person, the only time she had some fitness is when she is on the court playing volleyball with her teammates.
In the countryside she was running, then by a couple houses, and then through another little town. When she turned a corner she could still see Jeremiah behind her. He must be really tired too. She thought to herself as she tried to satisfy her lungs with more air.
When she turned again she wasn’t expecting what she ran into. It was a man who was really muscular. He had a leather jacket with a motorcycle t-shirt and blue jeans on. His dark brown hair reminded her of her mom, and his blue eyes looked similar to her dad’s. Suddenly all she wanted to do was go home. To hug her family again, for she feared that her dream came true and that her family is dead. She also had a strange fear of this man. The way he stood put a chill down her spine.
Suddenly, he grabbed her and started running with his fingers tightly around her wrists. She nearly lost her balance because of the sudden jerk, and she hoped that Jeremiah could see what he was doing and were she was going. Without knowing where she was going she stated to cry. Her cries turned to screams but soon were muffled because, as they were running, the man had taken out 2 bandanas he had in his pocket and gagged her mouth shut with one and put the other one around her eyes so she couldn’t see where they were going.
They ran for some time before the man started to slow down. Her throat was burning it was so dry from running so much. She didn’t know what time it was or where she was. All she could think about was how she was going to get away from this man alive and Jeremiah, if he was alright, if another man had taken him too, or if he was following her to wherever this man was taking her. They had stopped moving now. The man led her to a bench and let her take a rest. She was so exauhsted she fell asleep right away.
Jeremiah saw what had happen to his best friend, Nikki, but he couldn’t follow her for when he turned the corner there was yet another man. This man was much taller and much stronger than the other man looked like. He had a leather jacket on too with a red shirt on underneath and jeans. He was grabbed in the same way and blinded and tied too. What he didn’t know was that they were going a different way; instead of turning left they went straight. He got exhausted also, was seated on a bench, and fell asleep too.
Chapter 2
When Nikki woke up her hands, feet and neck were all tied together in a way that, if she moved, the ropes would tighten and she would suffocate. She was on her side in the backseat of a car, perhaps a limo even because it was big. There was another seat across from her and threw the darkness she could make out a dark shape laying there. Then the car went under a light and she could see that it was Jeremiah, his eyes still closed from when he must have fallen asleep too.
“Jeremiah!” She whispered loudly, not too loudly though, she didn’t want to get caught and taken away from him again. “Jeremiah!” she said again, hopping it would wake him up. She saw him trying to move but noticed he was tied too in the same manner. So she stopped him and said, “If you try and get out of it you will just strangle yourself.”
He looked up at her suddenly, his face scared and brave at the same time. As soon as that look appeared it vanished and was replaced by relief.