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She sits on the couch on her laptop, it's early morning, the… - heads_in_clouds [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 23rd, 2004|02:43 pm]


[mood |creative]

She sits on the couch on her laptop, it's early morning, the remains of last nights make-up visible on her face, large black panda eyes struggling to stay open, her hair a frizzy mess, pulled back into a ponytail.
She stops typing only to take a bite of cold leftover pizza from the night before's dinner, or a swig of coke from the bottle, she returns to typing, and sings along the melancholy music making it's way too her ears from her stereo.
She still smells of cigarettes and whiskey from the night before, and just the slight scent of marijuana.
She hears sounds, and turns towards the source, to find this man standing in his boxers in the doorway, she's unsure of what exactly occured between them, or more to the point how good it was, but most of all she's unsure of the figures name. She must admit, he is gorgeous, in that ruffled sort of way.
He murmurs hello and for the first time that morning she speaks, her voice comes out hoarse, "theres pizza on the bench, beer in the fridge, and aspirin in the cupboard there." He smirks, and helps himself.
Walks over to her and sits across from her, 'So whats your name?' he grins stupidly as he shoves a piece of pizza into his mouth, she reclines slightly as she watches him shovel the food into his mouth.
She grimaces, "Toni, and you?"
He finishes the slice, and chuckles, "Seems you weren't any better off than me last night then. Brad" He says and shoves his hand out.
She places her own inside it and shakes it softly, "Seems not."