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Follow your Dreams [Apr. 22nd, 2004|01:54 pm]


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Again i'm wirting stories at work. I had a odd dream last night, where I was married and a star, but no back gound other then that, we were both singers and for some odd reason i was never reconized, and no one knew we were married. It was an odd dream and I can't get it out of my head, so now i'm making a story about it enjoy!

Bright lights blocked her view of everything as she stood on the stage, trying her best to see the thousands of people in the crowed. The music ended, she clicked the mic off and eixited the stage with the crowed cheering her name for an encore. She was rushed back stage by three different people asking her different questions and some how in the midsit of all of it she answered them. She could still hear the crowed cheering as the next band arrived on stage. praises like ' nice job','wonderful', and her all time favoritve 'I'm so proud of you'. The voice came from behind as she turned around to the fimilar voice.
"Samatha!" she cried out as she ran to give her dear friend a hug. "I'm so glad you made it! Did you see the whole show?" she released Sam from the hug.
"Yes! It was great, couldn't have done better myself. Where's your new husband?"
"shh... No ones know but you, keep it quiet." she shhed her "He's on stage now. His album came out with mine last Tuesday." She unlocked the dressing room door and waved Sam in. "I'm not doing so well on the charts for some odd reason, things have peeked I guess with the last single, that is on this CD, and I'm not sure why." She sat on the couch and glanced over all the roses that filled the room. "Tyler is doing much better job, everywehere we go people want him to sign things and a lot of the time I would get pushed aside. I know as a celebrity I have to accept that fact is a part of our marriage, but it is stil depressing when everytime he chooses the fans other then me, it's like we have no privacy at all." Sam sat down in the chair that faced her and studied her.
'Well you both have been under a lot of stress, eloping in all, and hiding your marriage from everyone, so maybe it's that or you are way to uptight, everyone knows that the singles fade, but the album will pick up here in a couple of weeks if not fire your marketing team." She barried her faces in her hands, he elbows resting on bare knees.
"You know Tyler has been at this longer then I have and he's more widely known, so maybe i'm just paranoid with a debut album and a slightly over done single." She pushed her hands back over the top of her head. "I'm happy I got this far, but you know for once I would love it, if Tyler were pushed aside." she smiled, standing up she headed for the door "come with me and see Tyler's show, he's awsome" they both left the dressing room together and weaved thier way around backstage of the complex.
She was Serenity Marx, 26 year old country star looking to gain an edge in Nashville and marring Tyler Strong gave it to her. That was not the only reason she married him, she loved him with all her heart and would give anything up for him, even this career if he asked. He was a country legand had been for 5 years know, and every time he hit the stage it always felt like it would be he last, he gave them everything he had, and perhaps that is why she was not on top like she thought. All she had ever wanted came true the night tey flew to Vagas and got married, he had been her romodel the past two years while she lived in Nashville, and then one day he was there at an open mic night and saw her and never let her go. Well that was four months ago, and they had been married for two. Controversy sorouned thier dating life, so they staged a fight and it all soon ened in the media, but the catch was while everyone was reading the headlines, they were in vagas saying "I do." Life was great, money, nice cars, all the dreams desires, but one thing bothered her, her family. They hated the fact that she was even dating Tyler, and the thought of marriage would only bring about more troubles with her beloved parents. Evenutally she would have to explain, how else was she going to hide....
"Serena!" he name was shouted from the stage area, but she was unsure of whom. "ladies and gentlemen please give it up one more time for Serenity!" the drowed was in a uproar, and momemts like these really worried her about album sales. She ran back out on stage and stood next to Tyler who had been the one encouraging her to come out here. He tured off the mic and stared at her, she could see that he was proud of her, because she was no longer the cafe singer she had been. "promote your cd sweetheart" he handed her the mic after he turned it back on. Tyler made his way to the back of the stage to talk to a few band members as stood in the center.
"You all want one more song!?" the crowed roared "Well then lets hit it!" she gave the band a signal for a track on her cd and the music played. "dont forget that if you liked what you heard tonight each one of us have a new cd out in stores." The concert was televised so hopefully a little promting would do some good.